How do I purchase a print? 
Select the image/s that you want to buy. From there, choose your size and whether you want it framed (Black, Oak or White) or Unframed. Then select 'add to cart' or 'buy it now' and add all the relevant contact and shipping information before making your payment. 


Is Afterpay available? 
Afterpay will not be available as a payment option. Why? Well we are big believer's in strong financial habits and we do not want you spending what you do not have. Blame the Barefoot Investor for that one!


What is the process after I purchase my print?
Each print that you select and purchase is sent directly to our supplier located here in Melbourne. They will print, post and send it on its way. We’re big believers in supporting small business and will work with others to deliver the best experience to our customers.


How is the print framed?
The frame on all of our prints is timber. They come with a UV acrylic rather than glass. This is so it is safer if it does ever fall (we had our own experience with this) and it also reduces the chances of breakage when it's transported. Our supplier does the framing in house and does not outsource.


When can I expect delivery?
Please allow up to 2 to 3 weeks to turnaround and deliver. Our supplier doesn’t just print for us. Please also double check your spam / junk inbox for your confirmation email too.

Unframed prints should leave within 24 hours of the supplier receiving notification and payment from our team, whereas framed prints should leave within 10 - 15 business days. If you throw in postal times in this current environment, we endeavour unframed prints will arrive within 3 – 6 business days and framed prints 3 – 4 weeks in total.

While we understand you would like your print as soon as possible, we ask for your patience and that it will be worth the wait. We will provide a tracking number so you can stay updated on the expected delivery of your print.


How much does delivery cost?
All prints include delivery Australia wide.


What happens if my print is damaged during the delivery transit?
Framed prints are professionally packaged by our supplier so please contact us if there has been issues with transport. Take photos and we'll endeavour to fix the issue as soon as possible!


After A0 you have 1000 x 700, 900 x 600 and 700 x 500. Is that in cm or mm? Will you have larger size prints available? 
The sizing is in mm for all of those sizes listed above. In terms of larger prints, this is something we will look into depending on the demand. The largest our supplier can provide is 2500mm x 1500mm. Please contact the team if you do want something larger.


What happens if an image that I love isn't showing on the website?
If there is an image that you have seen on our Instagram or Facebook that you would really like then please let us know via the contact page. It may not be available as we only selected certain images. It also may have been captured back in the iPhone days and won't be at the correct resolution for printing or for another reason. 


Do you send prints overseas?
Yes, we can, however please contact us directly as shipping and freight costs will vary depending on where you are in the world. We may even look into finding a supplier overseas who can provide framed prints in your country of origin. If you want it, we will make it work!


Will the colour be the same as what I see on the screen?
We aim to accurately represent the colours of an image. However, every computer, laptop and phone screen will show it differently. We advise that the images here should only be taken as a guide. Crops can and will vary for each size print too.


Are only certain images available in Monochrome? 
All of our images are edited with how the landscape was seen and felt at that moment in time. If there is a particular image you would like to see in monochrome then please contact us and we can see what can be arranged.


Can I get a refund if I no longer want it?
Fine art prints and frames are made to order. We do not accept returns if you have changed your mind. All returns are at our discretion.


Why are you donating so much of your profit?
We are big believers in every person can make a difference to the world. Small actions can create big changes. Our dream is to share our art with the world. We just want to see our art on the walls of people’s homes, business and wherever they might choose to hang them up. You are supporting our dream, so we can then use that to support other people’s dreams too.


How do you choose what charity you donate to? Can we select our own charity?
The charities chosen will either represent a cause that is tied into the location of the image, or it may just be a cause close to our heart. We put the feelers out on Instagram to our followers to send through charities that mean something to them, which we have added in too. If there’s a particular charity that you want to see us support, please contact us with ideas. We are always open to more!


Will you sell any other products in the future?
There are definitely other products that we are looking into. We had some Australian Made high quality placemats made for our own home. We are also looking at doing a run of more sustainable branded t-shirts. The options are limitless, but we definitely want to align them with our personal values too.
If you're after any eco products our friends at BambuuBrush have offered a discount code on their store - use BAMBUUJOEY at checkout.