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I’m Joey. A self-taught hobby photographer from Melbourne, Australia.

I started out as an iPhone photographer. A girl who jumped on a plane overseas for the very first time in 2014 for the World Cup in Brazil and a visit to Europe. And wherever I went, the phone came with me helping me capture lifelong memories. These early photos weren’t anything special, but I loved seeing the world from another perspective.

But saving for another 2 years to do another trip like this wasn’t realistic, so instead my attention turned towards home: Australia.

Once I got back to Melbourne, I started spending my weekends racing along the Great Ocean Road, or up in National Parks, chasing adventure and the next shot. It was here I fell in love with long exposure and the silky flow of a waterfall. I never let having an iPhone as my camera hold me back. I made it my mission to travel around this wonderful country of ours crafting images to share with the online community of Instagram. And you’ll see I still love waterfall long exposures to this day!

It wasn’t until 2017 when I received a DSLR as a present that I began to really pay attention to landscape photography and what it takes to create. I have learnt so much thanks to trial and error and picking the brains of many experienced photographers online. I continue to learn to this day and am so very grateful to those who have given their time to help me.

My aim is to take photos that share the stories of adventure and seeing the world differently, all while freezing that moment in time.

Which leads us to today: JC Adventure Images - Prints with a Purpose.

I am so incredibly grateful for the opportunity to share my art with you; to decorate the inside of your homes, business, or wherever else you like to hang your prints… and more than that, by buying any of my prints, you will be helping me donate to causes and charities that mean something to me, or to the place where the image was captured.

So thank you for visiting, wherever you are in the world.

Take care, and let’s do some good.